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Electrolyte supplementation is often thought of as only needed by performance horses; however, any horse that sweats for a prolonged period of time, regardless of reason, will benefit from electrolyte supplementation. Apple Elite Electrolytes provides a complete electrolyte formula to replace vital minerals and encourage water consumption year-round.


For Apple Elite Electrolyte Paste

  1. Provides an immediate serving of electrolytes
  2. Encourages normal water consumption year round
  3. Can be used proactively and given up to 12 hours ahead of travel or exercise
  4. Formulated for all classes and ages of horses
  5. Ideal for trail, performance, working and senior horses


For Apple Elite Electrolyte Powder

  1. Replaces electrolytes lost through sweat
  2. Encourages healthy water intake year-round and during stressful conditions
  3. Helps muscle function and fluid balance
  4. Can be used proactively and given up to 12 hours ahead of travel or exercise
  5. Highly palatable
  6. Helps support energy production at a cellular level
  7. Available in 5 lb.


Salt, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate,Calcium Lactate, Potassium Sufate, Artificial Apple Flavor, Artificial Coloring


Guaranteed Analysis:
Calcium – 0.25% min, 0.75% max
Salt – 68.00% min, 73.00% max
Potassium – 11.00% min
Magnesium – 0.40% min

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