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About Us

A Legacy of Love. Our family has been involved in the dog and horse show world for decades. That’s why we know that your animals are more than just pets—they’re members of your family. 


You love your pet family (we love ours too!) and naturally want the best for them. So we put our backgrounds in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, and animal health sciences to work to develop Wholistic Pet Organics and The Wholistic Pet and its nutritionally superior offerings of natural animal health products; Keeping the ones you love happy and healthy for years to come!


This website and our catalog of products is the embodiment of our search to find healthy, holistic products for our companion animals. We believe that there will continue to be a movement away from chemical-laden, inferior-quality pet products to healthy, all natural alternatives. Our animals depend totally and completely on us; they deserve the very best that we can give.


We are committed to making available to you only the best products. The Wholistic Pet line of products always uses high-quality, whole-food, and natural and organic ingredients. To us, the health of our pets is invaluable. We are not veterinarians and do not, in any way, mean to diagnose or treat. We offer only choices and, hopefully, enough knowledge so that you will be better informed. Just as with children, you are the best advocate for your pet. Anything you do must always make sense to you and, most importantly, be right for your pet. 


Our mission is to help all our beloved pets live happier, healthy lives free from avoidable health problems.