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Give your pup freedom to roam with this Trolley Exerciser! Featuring a 10-foot pulley lead and a tie out cable that comes in 50, 75 or 100 foot sizes supports pups between 50 and 100 lbs. Made from durable aircraft cable with a vinyl coating, it won’t rust in the elements or fray. Let your pup enjoy the great outdoors safely with the Four Paws Heavy Weight Overhead Trolley Exerciser.


Key Benefits:

  1. Made of rust-proof, vinyl-coated aircraft cable that won't fray.
  2. Gives your dog freedom and safety to exercise outdoors.
  3. Available in 3 different lengths to fit your needs: 50, 75 or 100 feet.
  4. Includes 10-foot pulley that supports dogs more than 50 pounds.
  5. Ideal for larger dogs that need supervision.



The security/effectiveness of this product will depend on the material into which it is embedded. Loose soil, or soft, dry or rotting wood, for example, may not provide for a secure installation. Be forewarned that a strong or determined animal may still be capable of pulling itself free from this product, as with all such similar devices.

  1. Select 2 points to install screw hooks, making sure the distance between the 2 hooks is less than the length of your trolley, to insure the cable is long enough to reach. Install open eye screw hook to suitable tree, fence pole or frame of house.
  2. Install closed eye screw hooks to suitable site making sure the distance of both screw hooks is the same. General height from ground to screw hooks should be eight feet to prevent people from walking into cable.
  3. Attach shock absorber spring on end of trolley to open screw hook by placing spring over top of hook.
  4. Slide one protective stopper onto open end of dog trolley. Slide pulley lead and second stopper on, so pulley is between stoppers.
  5. Extend open end of cable to closed eye hook and slip through eye of hook. Pull tight until there is no slack in cable. Now attach wire rope clips with wrench. Cut off excess cable.
  6. Attach one end of a 4 Paws® Tie-Out Cable to the pulley and the other end to your dog's collar. Your dog will now enjoy the freedom of the 4 Paws® Overhead Trolley.

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