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A premium certified organic product for gentle, natural support of a healthy urinary tract. This is a pure, freeze-dried, whole-fruit powder and not a diluted extract! All-natural, Wholistic WholeCran Intense™ comes from whole, dried cranberries grown in certified organic cranberry bogs!


The natural properties of cranberries help to support a healthy urinary tract. Loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, and proanthocynidins, cranberries can also help support healthy teeth and gums. And that means bad breath disappears!


No fillers, no sugar, no artificial ingredients or additives of any kind! Wholistic WholeCran Intense™ is so good naturally that we just wouldn’t add anything else to it!

Certified Organic Cranberry Powder


Contains many important nutrients including vitamin C, flavonoids, citric acid and omega-3 which is found in the seeds. Cranberries are also a healthy source of antioxidants and are especially helpful in preventing bacteria, most notably E. coli, from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. In addition, cranberry is a naturally acidic fruit that can be used as an aid in the prevention of alkaline urinary calculi. Also aids in the prevention of tooth decay by inhibiting growth of tarter.

The highest-quality, freeze-dried, Certified Organic cranberry powder available! It's harvested from USA cultivated cranberry bogs!

Customer Reviews

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Oreo’s family
Effective product for cat’s UTI

Our senior cat was showing two signs of UTI. I called the vet’s urgent care and couldn’t get an appointment for three days. I thought that was too long to wait and the emergency vet is too expensive for us right now, so I tried the cranberry powder. It’s pleasant to use. I mixed it with canned cat food and also tuna liquid and he got enough in his system the first day to decrease the symptoms I had noticed. He seems to be improving and I’m grateful for the store and for this helpful product.

Great UTI Remedy

It’s simple to add this one-ingredient powder to meals for a great UTI health protocol. The no-nonsense ingredient list (there’s only one ingredient, perfect!) makes for an easy decision in purchasing this powder.

susan niewiera

WholeCran Intense