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The Paw Plunger gently and safely cleans paws before your pup cleans them on your best rug, clean sofa, or freshly mopped floor. It gently removes mud, dirt, snow, and that paw-irritating winter salt before your best friend jumps on your white sofa! It's easy to use, safe, and is great for all seasons - spring, summer, fall, and of course, winter, where ice and snow-melting chemicals burn and sting those delicate paws. The Paw Plunger will save you a fortune on dry cleaning, rug steam cleaning, and cleaning products...not to mention your valuable time!


Key Benefits:

  1. Gently removes dirt and foreign debris from your dog's paw in an easy, no-hassle fashion. No more struggling with your pup in the sink!
  2. No need to risk an entire soaking with the hose. This product was invented to be stress free for both you and your dog.
  3. It's as easy as adding water and gently dip each paw into the paw plunger.
  4. No soap, detergent or chemicals are needed. This is ideal for dog who have skin sensitivities.
  5. Helps thwart paw soreness that is often caused salt and other foreign matter in the environment.
Size Length Height Weight Circumference
PETITE 5.25 inches 4 inches 0.5 pounds 11.5 inches
MEDIUM 8.5 inches 6 inches 1.47 pounds 19 inches
LARGE 9.5 inches 7 inches 2.13 pounds 22 inches

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