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    Chilly Dog Grey Diamonds Sweater

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    1. The Grey Diamonds wool dog sweater is made in 8 sizes to fit every dog.
    2. This pattern looks great on both male and female dogs!
    3. It is knit by Artisan Knitters in the Northern Highlands of South America made following Fair Trade Guideline.
    4. Chilly Dog Wool and Alpaca dog sweaters are the warmest because the natural fibers have greater bulk therefor preventing any air pockets.
    5. Wool is a renewable resource and is water repellent.
    6. Chilly Dog sweaters fit barrel chested dogs for example, Pitt Bulls, Boxers and Pugs beautifully because of the give in the knit.
    7. The quality of Chilly Dog sweaters is superior to any other dog sweater, you will see the moment you hold it in your hand.
    8. Treat your dog to the best!
    Size Length Weight
    XX-SMALL 8-9 inches 2-5 lbs
    X-SMALL 12-13 inches 5-10 lbs
    SMALL 15-17 inches 10-18 lbs
    MEDIUM 19-21 inches 18-29 lbs
    LARGE 23-25 inches 29-40 lbs
    X-LARGE 27-29 inches 40-60 lbs
    XX-LARGE 30-33 inches 60-80 lbs
    XXX-LARGE 36-38 inches 80-120 lbs

    For the best fit, match the below dimensions to your pet's measurements as closely as possible. If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two.

    1. Body: Measure the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Add 2 inches for comfort.

    2. Neck: Measure around your dog's neck leaving room for two fingers.

    3. Chest: Most important measurement; measure your dog's chest around the widest part. Add 2 inches for comfort.