Our Top Picks for Picky Puppies

Is your puppy turning their nose up at mealtime? Perhaps the kibble your breeder recommended is just not cutting it and you are hesitant to switch. We understand that is can be difficult to change what you're feeding especially when you have a new puppy you're receiving conflicting recommendations; The breeder is telling you not to change the food, the vet is telling you to switch to an expensive 'prescription diet', and the wacky ladies down at the family pet store are telling you to go full raw! It's all too overwhelming. Well, here is my advice to you: don't drop the kibble, top the kibble! And we have just what you need to turn your picky puppy into a proper chow hound. These premium meal enhancers offer multiple benefits:

  • Increases hydration in your dog's meals to ensure they stay properly hydrated, as dry food lacks sufficient moisture
  • Specially formulated to support puppy growth and development 
  • Adding variety aids in building a strong digestive system 
  • Gives your pup the quality nutrition they deserve!


Raised Right Lightly Cooked Recipes



If you are a regular at our store, you probably know by now that we are big fans of feeding raw or fresh food to our pets.These human-grade, whole-food recipes are cooked at low temperatures to retain the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients. This allows for easy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption. These formulas come in 16 ounce pouches for easy portioning and storage. Find them in our freezer section!


Open Farm Puppy Chicken & Salmon Pâté


Our top-selling pet food brand recently came out with a complete and balanced puppy pâté, featuring the same humanly raised and sustainably sourced ingredients we love in a formula that your pup will find irresistible! An easy addition to any type of food packed with the highest-quality ingredients.


Stella & Chewy's Perfectly Puppy Beef & Salmon Meal Mixers


If I had a dollar for every time a 'treat-snob' has surprised their owner by wolfing down a meal mixer like there's no tomorrow, I would not need to work here (I still would because I love this place too much). These time-tested meaty morsels have been the go-to recommendation for picky dogs of all ages since the dawn of The Wholistic Pet. Lucky for you, Stella & Chewy's makes a Meal Mixer specifically for puppies! Sprinkle a handful of these into your pup's kibble, add some warm water, and watch your pup devour their food. Stick some in your treat bag for a high-value training treat. Meal mixers are a freeze-fried raw product, making these an easy way to add some raw nutrition to your pup's diet.


There is no need to break your bank or rack your brain trying to get your puppy to eat when the answer is simply to top it!  Among these select products are dozens of other tasty toppers that will keep mealtime exciting for your growing pup. Whether you want to add fresh, canned, or freeze-dried food to your bowl, we have exactly what you need that will best fit you and your little one's needs.





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