Hairball Hacks

As much as we love our majestic, furry feline companions, there are a few downsides to owning a cat: the smelly litter boxes, the murder mittens, the constant judgement and entitlement, and of course the nasty, sticky, unpleasant wads of fur they hack up onto your carpet. But this is the price we must pay if we want to have a feline companion. Hairballs are just something we have to learn to deal with, right?


Contrary to popular belief, hairballs are not just 'a fact of life' when living with cats. Most cats are perfectly capable of fully digesting the hair that they ingest when self-grooming. The problem lies with commercial dry diets which often lack the nutritional properties that your cat needs to properly digest fur. Even the highest quality dry foods lack sufficient moisture that is required to help your cat effectively pass hairballs. They also contain high percentages of carbohydrates which slow digestion and cause hairballs to accumulate in the stomach.

It wouldn't be very 'wholistic' if I didn't mention that the best way to control hairballs is to feed your cat a high-protein, moisture rich diet. Muscle and organ meats contain healthy fats that contribute to skin and coat health; less shedding mean less hair your cat needs to pass. They also contain the necessary amino acids for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption. BUT I am not here to convince you to switch your cat's food; that's a topic for another blog post! Today I want to share with you our top picks for hairball support. If your furry beast suffers from frequent hairballs, consider adding one of the following supplements to keep them at bay.


Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All Plus

A fan favorite, a long-time Wholistic Pet best-seller, a timeless classic! Digest-All Plus is our go-to recommendation for nearly every digestive issue. This unique blend of enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics support a healthy balance of normal gut flora and aid in speeding up the digestion of ingredients that are difficult to process. Add this to each meal to keep your cat's digestive system in tip-top shape.


Wholistic Pet Organics Feline Complete with Pumpkin

 This powerful all-in-one supplement fills in any nutritional gaps that may be in your cat's diet. Among the pure and potent ingredients are vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that support skin and coat health and help reduce shedding.  This new pumpkin formula contains extra fiber for an added boost of digestive support!


Herbsmith Slippery Elm Powder

This USDA certified organic slippery elm bark is a popular natural remedy for a variety of digestive ailments for dogs, cat, and humans alike! Slippery elm lubricates the digestive tract which allows fur to pass through more easily


Super Snouts Pumpkin Latte


 I can't say I've given this stuff a taste, but it sure smells as delicious as it sounds! With prebiotics to support healthy gut flora and fiber to reduce the formation of hairballs, this is a gentle and nutritious meal topper or treat for cats of all ages.


Additional methods to decrease hairball occurrences include frequent brushing of your cat and utilizing a pet water fountain to encourage them to hydrate more often. Avoid foods that use cheap carbohydrate sources such as wheat, corn, rice flour, and soy. Don't forget to browse our selection of high-quality wet foodsfreeze-dried, and frozen foods.



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